Founder’s Profile

Shri Gajanand Palriwala, Chairman Trustee of Seth Madanlall Palriwala Foundation (SMPF) is a great visionary & philanthropist. He is a man reckoned as a symbol of courage & conviction. A firm & fearless personality, he exhibits complete faith in God and determination to serve the poorer & underprivileged sections of society with dedication.

Working relentlessly in the service of needy people, he is an ever inspiring person by his noble deeds and aptly fits into a role model for the youth.

Born on 22nd April, 1926 in Lachhmangarh, a small town in Sikar district of Rajasthan, Gajanand Palriwala joined his family business at the age of 17. By his sheer hard work, he quickly acquired the tricks of the trade and managed a number of companies.

Shri Gajanand Palriwala’s undiminished will & determination of social service has earned him great esteem and respect. He is also the Chairman of Palriwala Educational Research & Training Society (PERTS). This Society has 2 institutes namely PVTRI & PITC located at Lachhmangarh in Sikar District; one for imparting formal and the other informal vocational training to the young boys & girls enabling them to become self reliant.

The social welfare schemes supported under his Chairmanship have greatly impacted the socio-economic life of very large number of people in India.

He has visited many foreign countries including USA, UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan and Australia.


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