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  • Help Age India

    HelpAge India is a leading registered national level NGO, established in 1978, with a mission "to work for the cause and care of disadvantaged aged persons and to improve their quality of life". It is a secular, not-for-profit organization registered under the Societies' Registration Act of 1860. Set up in 1978, the organization works to protect the rights of India's elderly and provide relief to them through various interventions and endeavors to make significant changes in the lives of the disadvantaged older persons, so as to enable them to live better and healthier lives.

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  • Navjyoti India Foundation

    "Gali School" is the most extensive and ambitious education programme of Navjyoti India Foundation. It provides preschooling to children in the age-group 4 to 8 years, with a view to prepare them to get admitted in nearby regular schools. As the name suggests, “Gali School” is a school in the Galies i.e. by lanes. Starting in 1998 with 5, the organization ran more than 100 such schools in the slums of Yamuna Pushta at one point of time.

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  • Rama Krishna Ashram

    Sri Ramkrishna Ashram, Nimpith (SRAN) was established in 1960. It is a charitable NGO registered under Govt. of India ACT XXI of 1860.
    Material and spiritual welfare of the people in general is the ultimate goal and objectives of the Ashram. Material wellbeing of the have-nots, the hapless and the hopeless is our top priority while our spiritual services stand secondary to meeting the people’s basic needs in modern living.

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  • PHD- Rural Development Foundation

    SMPF, the associates of Palriwala India Foundation (PIF) has been supporting PHD-RDF in the area of RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT by implementation of water harvesting projects in Sikar and Alwar districts for about a decade. As many as ten water harvesting projects have already been implemented in rural areas of Sikar and Alwar with financial assistance from SMPF/PIF. Under these projects other activities like plantation, construction of sanitation facilities, and formation of SHGs and training of women have also been taken up.

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  • Disha Foundation

    DISHA- A resource centre for the disabled is a premier non-profit organization started 16 years back, in 1995, with 18 children, today having the strength of 200 children, with a noble purpose of helping those who are differently abled.

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  • Perts

    Palriwala Educational Research & Training Society (PERTS) is registered under the Societies Registration Act of XXI, 1860. Seth Madanlall Palriwala Foundation (SMPF) is the ‘Parent Body’ of PERTS.

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